Custom made chiptuning and remap files

Chiptuning Flash is a specialist in optimising diesel and petrol engines. Our chip tuning files provide the difference in performance and consumption, by enhancing driving pleasure at the market most competitive prices.

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Welcome to Chiptuning Flash

We are class leading ECU Remapping specialist for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Agricultural & Plant Machinery, providing tuning files for Autotuner, Alientech and every other tunning tool. We are based in London, United Kingdom and we operate, through our network of partners, in all Europe and West Asia. We have the most advance genuine tooling that allows us to tune your vehicle safely and at the most competitive prices. We offer complete tunning solutions such as Tunning Files, Tuning/Remapping Tools and Accessories, along with constant professional support.

Special function & solution

Autotunerflash offer a wide range of services to both the Trade and Public.

The perfect solution for a solid business.

Professional tools.

We offer the best solutions and professional tools to garages and dealers, aiming at a long-lasting partnership. Click the link below to find out the exclusive benefits and deals we offer.

We offer our services at a cost-effective competitive pricing that provides more bang for your buck!
We use PayPay to ensure all our customers are eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection.
We pledge to do everything within our power to deliver modified files within 45 minutes.
Full support
We offer real-time support with a member of our team, to offer you peace of mind.
Experienced and trained tuners
with 15+ years of tuning experience.
The best solutions guarantee
we pledge to deliver consistent high
Global specialist
We are the result of a worldwide network of chip tuning specialists.


What our clients say?

Leo Martinov
"Fitted a tuning kit to the van and it has transformed its performance, and has removed the flat spot on throttle response that the dealer couldn't fix. Great."
John Bristol
"I received the chip within a couple of days this was in the Christmas period as well. It was really easy to attach to my car Audi A4 only took about 5-10 minutes. The chip I bought was brilliant noticed the difference in acceleration straight away brought a massive smile to my face it's hard to say if I'm getting more mpg at the moment as I'm still enjoying the extra acceleration. Love it ❤️ 🦾👍"
"Been looking for a tuning for a while now and came across these guys. Contacted their technical team and they were able to answer my questions immediately and were so helpful. So I ordered one file. Amazing. Great investment. Another car. Thank you"
"Very professional Silvio helped me understand my car more and what the parts do before installing it. Car runs better then ever! Will definitely be coming back if I need more mods. No problems at all."
Chiptuning Logo

Chiptuning Flash is a class leading ECU Remapping specialist for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Agricultural & Plant Machinery, specializing in making engines more powerful, faster, smoother, more economical and cleaner. Our headquarters are located in London, UK and Venice, Italy, but we have representatives and mobile technicians coverage over the whole Europe and West Asia.

Administrative Headquarters address

Best Car Solutions Ltd T/A Chiptuning Flash

27 Longbridge Road, Barking, England, IG11 8TN

Company number: 13199539

Phone number: +39 329 682 6699

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